At Kingston Beach Early Learning Centre we believe that through supportive partnerships with children, families, educators and the community we provide a stimulating environment in order to create a solid path for each child’s future.

Our Interactions

We believe respectful and responsive interactions with children and families build strong, secure relationships where individuals are accepted and valued.

We believe that all children, families and educators have the right to experience and be engaged in trusting and meaningful interactions with one another.

We aim to build all relationships based on individual needs, inclusive of all cultures and linguistic heritage where equality is the foundation.

We believe that and through positive interactions children develop a strong sense of belonging.

Our Learning Environment

We believe that providing an environment which is based on children’s needs and interests which provides valuable opportunities for children to learn and develop in a individual and unique way.

We aim to encourage children and families to be connected to and contribute to the environment.

We aim to work collaboratively in order to create a play based learning program which nurtures the development of life skills.

We believe that through providing a meaningful and holistic program, we are creating an environment which encourages children to become confident and involved learners.

Our Health and Well-Being

We believe that by supporting all children’s nutritional needs, we provide the basis for children to grow and develop to their highest potential.

We believe that all children have the right to a safe, challenging and hygienic environment where all physical needs are met.

We aim to provide a environment to support sustainable practices.

We believe that through providing all children with opportunities to access a healthy environment a strong sense of well-being and feeling of happiness can be developed.

Through providing a professional and confidential education and care setting encompassing reflective practice, we believe that we create better outcomes for children

Our Mission

To be the first choice for children’s services, with educators and families working together, to build upon our uniqueness and our reputation for excellence.

Our Goals:

  • To deliver quality experiences for our children and families.
  • To strengthen the capability of our people.
  • To engage effectively with the children’s services community.
  • To ensure responsible, sustainable financial management systems.
  • To implement efficient organisational systems and processes.