Kingston Beach Early Learning Centre

Phone: (03) 6229 6070

Phone: (03) 6229 6070

Governance Board

Kingston Beach Early Learning Centre is one of the last community based not for profit services in Tasmania that is run predominately by the families using our care.

The Service is overseen by a board of parents and community members who volunteer their time for a few hours one evening each month.

Members take on roles of Chair person, Vice Chair person, Treasurer, Secretary, Public Officer or General Member.

Together they govern:

  • What fees will be
  • What money will be spent on
  • Future directions for the service
  • Service involvement in the community
  • Staff entitlements
  • Fundraising projects
  • Social events
  • And more!
All members share a commitment to making the service a place of quality early education and care, where family views and concerns are valued, staff and children are respected and the importance of early childhood is recognised within the community.

Our Management Committee are:

  • Claire Osborne (Chair)
  • Leah Woolford (Vice President)
  • Joel Webb (Treasurer)
  • Lauren Abbot (Secretary and Public Officer)
  • Corrine O’Halloran, Nadia Colquhoun, Alyce Lamprecht, Mark Smith, Elizabeth Griffiths, Yvonne Nally  (General Members)
Kingston Beach Early Learning Centre
Kingston Beach Early Learning Centre
46 Beach Road
Kingston Tas 7050

Our Centre Hours:

Monday to Friday 7:15am - 6:15pm

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