Fee Schedule 2019

  • For those families with children in care 5 days per week, a 5% discount is applicable on the rate.
  • Non-permanent bookings, otherwise known as occasional care or casual care will be charged at the day session rate plus 5%.
  • A 15% discount will be applied for absences where two week’s notification has been provided in writing.
  • Eligible families are entitled to apply for Child Care Subsidy. The Subsidy is paid to the service and families are charged the gap amount.
  • Child Care Subsidy is calculated per family based on income and activity testing.
Day Session$104.0011 hours of care
Holiday Day Session$88.40Requiring two weeks notice
Full Time: 5 days per week$98.80 ($494)11 hours of care per day
Full Time Holiday Session$83.98Requiring two weeks notice
Casual Bookings$109.2011 hours of care
Service ClosureNo charge applies to service closure periods. Including all Tasmanian Public Holidays


All payments are processed through Debit Success direct debit system.  Accounts are charged Friday fortnightly two weeks in arrears.

A Dishonour fee of $14.95 is applied by Debit Success should your payments not process.

It is the policy of the Kingston Beach Early Learning Centre that fees must be settled fortnightly. Failure to settle within the terms of the “Fee Accrual Agreement” may result in your bookings at the Centre being suspended.

All fees are subject to change and families will be notified in writing a minimum two weeks prior.