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Phone: (03) 6229 6070

Phone: (03) 6229 6070

Family Feedback

At the Kingston Beach Early Learning Centre we value your opinion

So please take the time to fill in this evaluation form so we can receive feedback about the quality of care we are providing and implement any changes necessary. We believe that feedback from families is vital to drive continuous improvement and always welcome the opportunity to discuss any queries or concerns with you.

In addition, we ask that you take this opportunity to update any changes to your contact details or your children’s information held by the service.

Family Feedback

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Your Child

All children at Kingston Beach Early Learning Centre have individual portfolios for families to view.

These are kept in your child’s file in their room and you are welcome to look at any time. We also encourage families to take the portfolio home to share with your child and add to it with notes, photos, etc of your child’s home interests and experiences to provide a more holistic visual and enhance the program outcomes. In an often busy work environment, it can prove difficult to find the time to have comprehensive conversations with educators.

If you feel you need more time for discussion please feel free to see Michelle or Jacqui, call to make an appointment or complete this form.

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