Kingston Beach Early Learning Centre

Phone: (03) 6229 6070

Phone: (03) 6229 6070

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 Fee Schedule - 2017

 Commencing 15th May 2017


Maximum Fees:


Day                                        $97.95            (7.15am – 6.15pm)

Full Time                                $465.25 (This Includes 5% Discount for 5 days per week)

Casual Bookings                $102.85



For those families with children in care 5 days per week, you will receive a 5% discount on the new rate. Any non-permanent bookings, otherwise known as occasional care or casual bookings will be charged at the new rate $97.95 plus 5%.

 The other change to our fees is that in order to receive the 15% discount for being absent from the service, we now require two weeks’ notice. For those periods where you have leave booked and you notify the service with 2 weeks’ notice, the 15% discount will still apply.


Our service uses an ezi debit system for payment of accounts

 It is the policy of the Kingston Beach Early Learning Centre that fees must be settled fortnightly. Failure to settle within the terms of the “Fee Accrual Agreement” may result in your bookings at the Centre being suspended.

 Registering with the Family Assistance Office for

Child Care Benefit (CCB) and Child Care Rebate (CCR)

 To claim CCB and CCR, families will need to register all child care services they use with the government.

You can register by phoning the FAO on 13 6150 between the hours of 8 am and 8 pm.

Once registered you will be assigned your Customer Reference Numbers (CRN’s), and then means tested.  To ensure that your entitled amount of CCB is received, you must supply both your family CRN and your Child/ren’s CRN’s to the services.

Child Care Benefit is available to the majority of families, depending on combined household income, to assist with the cost of child care fees.

If you are entitled to CCB and/or CCR, you will have the option of choosing for this entitlement to go come straight off your account at the service, or into a bank account of your choice.


It is important that you notify the service if you have any other children attending approved child care services/family day care so that we can issue the correct child care rate to your account.



Kingston Beach Early Learning Centre
Kingston Beach Early Learning Centre
46 Beach Road
Kingston Tas 7050

Our Centre Hours:

Monday to Friday 7:15am - 6:15pm

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